Prophetic Workshops


Why should we Activate the gift of prophecy?


In the Bible, the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 14 tells us to eagerly posses, burn with zeal the gift of prophecy!

Would if you could know God’s thoughts? How would that affect your everyday life? This is a game changer for parenting, for decision making, for facing a crisis, for business and why Paul tells us to eagerly posses this gift.  

Here at The Resting Place we want to reform what it looks like to prophecy and build a prophetic community where it is safe and fun to practice together in training our senses. The gift within us does not happen by accident, rather by reason of practice. (Hebrews 5:14)

We are not elevating any gift above the reason why we have this gift, which is love, but rather seeing that it is rooted in love and manifested through the gifts.

Other opportunities


God is calling us to change what it looks like to prophesy in our generation as New Covenant Believers. Prophecy is not just a ministry skill but a gift from The Holy Spirit as a life skill to release God’s love. Join us for this online event.

All sessions will be facilitated over zoom and included breakout rooms where you will implement the teaching from the main sessions within the activate community.

Our Next Activate Online is NOVEMBER 30TH at 7:00PM!


THE IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS are led by Tracy Erwin, Co-Founder of TRP Prophetic Company and Senior Prophetic Leader of The Resting Place. She is a certified trainer with Prophetic Company Global.

JOIN US for interactive fun sessions on ways we can receive intel from the Holy Spirit through the gift of prophecy: Hearing, Sensing/Perceiving, Feeling and Seeing and how can we translate this into our everyday life.