“Recovery Church is a place where I can be vulnerable and real, discussing my addiction and Christ. It’s transparent, Christ-centered and non-judgmental. I find strength in the message and encouragement with the fellowship.” -Holly

a Chance to recover and stay free!


Recovery Church Movement is a safe place to lay down addictions, behaviors and lean into a family that cares about your recovery. Break the patterns that have controlled your life for too long. Receive behavior tools,. healing and a deeper relationship with the Lord. 
Join us SATURDAY NIGHTS 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Tampa Campus.
217 Hobbs St. Suite 106 Tampa, FL 33619
Open to all campuses and community members.

“I see people who have attended Recovery Church being healed from their addictions and being given the tools to fight their addictions. In Recovery Church, we have an accountability with one another in a safe place.” – Jeremy (Leader)

“I enjoy Recovery Church because we can talk about drugs, alcohol and Christ with one another. In secular programs we don’t get to talk about Christ with each other. It’s so nice to share that similarity with others!” -Herb

“I feel a realness with Recovery Church. I like the vulnerability of our group and the desire to maintain our recovery while strengthening our relationship with Jesus. I leave empowered and strengthened.” -Matt

“I’ve come to find a family in Recovery Church, not only at The Resting Place, but with other Recovery Churches in the area. I’m able to attend a safe place twice a week where I can give my addictions and problems over to Christ. I know that I have a family who I’ve found in Christ who I can trust and share the love of Jesus that He has for us.” – Patrick

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